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I/O Terminal Blocks
ABS Series Print
Optimized solution to operate diverse loads using PLC output signals
Relay terminal block ABS Series provides optimal solution to drive various loads using PLC output signals. This series supports 2 types of relays [TAKAMISAWA (Fujitsu) NYP / MATSUSHITA (Panasonic) PA], and is equipped with LED lamp used for checking operation status and cable break status. Also, user convenience has been enhanced by allowing mounting on DIN rail or using screws.

Main features
* Suitable for operating various loads using PLC signals
* Easy to check operation status and cable break from LED display lamp
* Can be used with 2 types of relays (TAKAMISAWA(Fujitsu) NYP /  MATSUSHITA(Panasonic) PA)
- Two-way ejector for relay replacement provided
- Easy relay replacement with relay removal lever (1-point relay terminal block)
* 2 mounting options (DIN rail or screw fix)
* Male & female interface allows easier expansion and compact mounting (1-point relay terminal block)
※ Autonics CJ Series I/O cables are recommended for use. (Connector transmission cable)