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Autonics Malaysia Website - Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Photo sensor,Temperature Controller, Counter, Timer
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Sensors are the most basic, commonly used components in automation. Autonics provides a wide variety of sensors including proximity sensors, photoelectric sensors, fiber optic sensors, and pressure sensors, for maximum user efficiency.

Proximity Sensors
Proximity sensors are common, reliable, and durable solutions for applications requiring non-contact detection.

Photoelectric Sensors
Photoelectric sensors are used to detect distance, absence or presence of objects using a light transmitter and receiver.

Area Sensors (Picking Sensors)
Area sensors are convenient, general purpose light screens used for detection of passing objects in specified areas.

Door/Door Side Sensors
Door/door side sensors are dedicated photoelectric sensors generally used in automatic door management systems.

Fiber Optic Sensors
Fiber optic sensors are perfect solutions for various detection applications by using remote sensors with fiber optic cables and amplifiers.

Rotary Encoders
Rotary encoders are used to electronically monitor the position of a rotating shaft by converting shaft rotation into electronic pulses.

Pressure Sensors
Pressure sensors are devices used in a variety of applications requiring precise and accurate pressure measurement of gases or liquids.